Facebook Home is wack

So I have a Samsung GS3 and I recently decided to try out the new Facebook Home launcher and let me just say, it’s way to much Facebook exposure for me.  Why anyone would need to have their Facebook literally take over the entire mechanics of their phone is beyond me.

When you launch Facebook Home, your home screen is literally a flowing news feed, with pictures and statuses rotating in and out every few seconds.  For me, it’s just too much.  If someone really wants to be submerged in Facebook then the Facebook Home launcher is for you.  Me personally, the app works just as good for me, and I can go on Facebook anytime I want.  With the launcher you have no choice but to be drenched in Facebook posts.

I wouldn’t recommend this launcher to anyone it’s terrible.  I mean it actually functions pretty well and it’s a smooth launcher but I just feel like I’m on Facebook overload with this thing.  So if your like me and you like to check your Facebook a few times a day and see whats going on, don’t bother with this monstrosity.  However, if you are on your Facebook everyday and need to know who is doing what at all times of the day then I suppose this launcher would be pretty useful to you.

I think the only time a launcher like this would actually be useful is if Twitter decided to come out with a launcher like this.  To have the home screen on your phone update every time someone tweets would be pretty cool, especially because Twitter is all about in the moment and because it only allows a short 140 character max I don’t think it would be that annoying.  Either way, user beware with Facebook Home.


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