Why Game 7 is a must win for LeBron’s Legacy

Game 7, the two most beloved words in all of team sports.  Everyone loves a game 7, the drama is through the roof and it’s a 1 game series to determine a champion.  This years NBA Finals Game 7 is a little more intriguing than most and it’s because of one player…LeBron James.

The legacy of LeBron James hangs in the balance tonight.  Will he be a repeat champion, giving him two rings in the past three years, or will he be a loser, going a measly one out of three (four if you want to count his finals appearance back with the Cavs) in NBA Finals, making his decision to go to south beach to form a super team look like a gigantic flop.  LeBron can’t afford to lose tonight because just when he was starting to get some breathing room from the media and his critics, those same people will come crashing down on him so hard and so furiously if he can’t seal the deal tonight and deliver another ring to Miami.

Honestly, LeBron is incredibly lucky after Game 6, he was five seconds away from falling short again until one of the most clutch shooters in NBA history bailed him out.  Not only would the Game 6 loss be devastating to LeBron’s legacy but the way it happened wouldn’t have helped.  Sure, LeBron lead the heat with a furious five-six minute stretch where he scored 12 consecutive points and had a triple-double on the night, but it was that last-minute or so that would have defined him.  Turning the ball over during a pivotal moment in the game and then coming down the next possession and throwing up an air ball within eight feet of the hoop that turned into another turnover would have been magnified so huge.  How could the best player in the world, “King James,” come up so small in the biggest crunch time moment?

Luckily for LeBron everything worked out in the end and he is given another opportunity in an epic Game 7.  Nobody doubts that LeBron is going to have a bad game and only score like 10 points, I’m sure he will be his dominating self, but for his sake and the sake of his career, he better hope for either a Miami blow out victory or another epic game winning shot.  After his career is starting to really take off, he can’t afford to take a step back.

LeBron James future in south beach and even worse, his legacy, will be in question and scrutinized if the King can’t wear the crown tonight.


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