Xbox One thoughts

So, Microsoft announced their next generation console the other week and we finally have a name and some details and I just want to throw out some thoughts on Xbox’s next big thing.

It’s official, the next-gen console is going to be called the “Xbox One,” and I like the new name.  I had heard some rumors that it was going to be called Xbox Infinity and of course people thought it was going to be called the Xbox 720 (which I think would have been ridiculous) but I think Microsoft did good with this name.  Someone I work with wasn’t sure why they would call it the Xbox One but I get it, One as in the first line of a new generation of gaming so it makes sense, to me anyways.  Plus, if you think about it, not everyone is going to be saying “Xbox One,” instead of saying “Oh I like the Xbox One” people might shorten it to saying “Oh I like the One,” almost makes it sound like Neo, the chosen one, just a thought.

I also really like the new design of the One.  It’s very simply and sleek in its design, not gaudy or crazy looking.  The controller looks nice and I’m glad they didn’t go ahead and do a total redesign of the that because nothing makes me more mad than when you are used to using a controller for years on end and then when a new console comes out they totally change the controller, but I knew Microsoft wouldn’t be that stupid to change the controller.

The specifications of the next-gen console is too long to list but I like the faster processor, more memory, more Ram, all the good stuff was thrown in there.  The only problem I have with all this new hardware and software is that Xbox 360 games won’t be compatible with the Xbox One because it uses a different chip to power the console.  Now that really sucks, especially for people who have dozens of games.  Xbox says they are trying to come up with some sort of way to get players to play their 360 games on the One but I haven’t heard anything about that, I’m hoping they will have something about that at E3 (fingers crossed).

Naturally the Cloud is going to be a huge part of this next-gen and the future of gaming which only makes sense.  Everything today has to be portable and accessible from anywhere, so the fact that you can play your games from anyone’s Xbox is a very nice feature, but it was to be expected.

The Kinect was one thing I was surprised at in terms of how much they upgraded it.  Supposedly it is going to be able to read facial expressions and know your mood or something crazy along those lines.  I don’t have a Kinect now but obviously when I get the One it will come with it.  I was never against the Kinect, it’s an awesome concept and idea and I think will power the future of gaming but there weren’t enough games out that I would actually use Kinect with when it came out so I kind of stayed away from it.  I feel like the One is going to have more functions with Kinect and gaming, like I can see the COD franchise getting more involved with it in the future or even Halo, or at least I hope they would because how cool would it be to play Halo on Kinect, walking through a ship, taking out enemies using your body motion, I think it would be awesome.

Overall I am very pleased with the One and Microsoft’s vision of the next generation of gaming and consoles.  I really like the idea of making the Xbox One a more well-rounded, home entertainment, do everything, type of console with far improved gameplay and that they didn’t forget that the Xbox is first and foremost a gaming console, it’s at the roots of it.

Next stop for the Xbox One is E3 and I can’t wait to see what Microsoft is going to unleash on us then and what other tid bits of information they are keeping to themselves.


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