PS4 launching this holiday season

It’s official, Sony has announced the release of their next generation console, the Playstation4, which will be available for purchase at the end of this year, just in time for the holiday season.

The PS4 will have a bevy of new features that will definitely make the next generation console the best one yet.

According to CVG, the new “Dualshock 4” controller will have a lot of what was rumored, such as enhanced rumble, a touchpad, a headphone jack and a “share button,”  which will replace the select button from the current versions controller.

Sony also said that there is going to be less lag time between gamers and their content, meaning that the console and games will fire up much faster than they do now, making players wait even less to play.  Users will also be able to, “boot applications including a web browser when playing PS4 games, while the system will enable titles to be downloaded or updated in the background, or in stand-by mode. Digital titles will be playable while they’re downloading too, with only a “fraction” of data required to start a session.”

According to Sony,  Gaikai, the cloud gaming platform that Sony acquired for $380 million last year, will allow players to, “instantly experience games for free [and only pay for the full experience if you want to],” through the Playstation store.

PlayStation cloud services will be rolled out in phases, with the ultimate goal being to give players access to all of their favorite PSone, PS2 and PS3 titles.

One cool feature that the PS4 is going to have is the ability for “other players look over your shoulder virtually as you’re playing and, if you allow them to, post comments directly to your screen. Friends will even be able to take over your controller virtually and help you complete a section you can’t beat yourself.”

The PS4 sounds like it is really going to pack a punch when it comes out this holiday season and with the PS4’s announcement being made official, it’s rumored that Microsoft is going to hold a special event this April to release its next generation console, the new Xbox.

I’m hearing rumors that the PS4 is going to come in at around $300 which is ok, it’s cheaper than what the PS3 was when it first released.

I’m a big Xbox guy but the PS4 sounds like it’s got some pretty awesome features and selling points.  The thing that makes me really excited is finding out exactly what its main competitor, the Xbox, is going to be throwing out there with its next gen console.  Hopefully come April, we will all find out and make it official, and then the race to the holiday season between Sony and Microsoft will be on.


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