Destiny: Bungies next big thing

Bungie, the company that responsible for producing the famous Halo series, is coming out with a brand new, ground breaking game called Destiny.

First, I want to preface this post by saying there isn’t very much that is set in stone in terms of what is official from Bungie or Activision, but there are a lot of solid rumors out there coming from leaked interviews and little details from Bungie and very reliable sources around the web.

Bungie has however just released some concept art and a ViDoc that talks about Destiny so there are bits and pieces of official information from Bungie themselves and lets just say, this game is going to be insane.

Destiny, is going to be what Bungie calls a “shared-world shooter,” and NOT an MMORPG, but from what I understand it’s going to be kind of like that.  Jason Jones, Bungie’s studio co-founder and Halo mastermind, has come out and said, “Destiny is our next great shooter in a totally new world.”

Destiny is going to take place 700 years in the future and be a “sci-fi,” mythic world, so think Star Wars with all the weapons and technology along with powers like the force.

Basically humanity is under attack from alien forces who have taken over humanity populated planets like Mars and Venus and are trying to wipe out all human existence.  There is however one last human populated city located on earth that is protected by a giant moon like structure (think death star) that hovers above the city, protecting it from enemy danger.  The giant globe is called “The Traveler,” which is an unknown alien ship that one day appeared over the city and has been protecting it ever since.  Little is known about the origins of the Traveler but what is know is that it is on the side of good.

You will play as a “Guardian,” essentially protectors of human kind,who explore back out into the universe to take back the once human populated planets and eliminate alien enemies that threaten to extinguish human existence.  There will be three Guardian classes that you can choose from, Hunter, Warlock and Titan, all with different abilities.  Each Guardian is supposed to have some of the powers from the Traveler, making each class unique from one another.

Your entire character is said to be totally customizable, from what they wear, the colors of their clothes to their weapons and what their weapons look like.

The most intriguing part of Destiny is that it is going to be an open world adventure that you can go out and play alone or team up with different people playing the game at different times and different areas. Also, there is going to be no main menu, when you turn the game on, you’re automatically in gameplay.

There is also going to be two main parts to the game, a central hub where players can meet up and interact with one another and “heal, reload and repair” themselves and their weapons, and then combat areas of the game out in the universe.  So for example, when you want to go refuel, you go back to the central area and the game is in third-person so you can see your character and interact with other players and team up with one another.  Then when you are ready to go out and fight, the game enters first-person shooter mode for when you’re out in the environment and in a “combat zone.”

The combat zones will take place on other planets and be in areas like woods, mountains, ancient human civilizations and a plethora of environments and places.  While you are out on adventures and fighting alien forces, you have the ability to stumble upon and find new weapons ammo and abilities, kind of like an Elder Scrolls type of play where you are always able to upgrade and become more powerful.

The cool thing is, say you go out to do a mission and wander around alone and you go to say Mars, when you get there you might run into other players fighting aliens and you can just run into battle and fight alongside the other players and then either go your separate ways or continue on together, like World of Warcraft.

Another cool part about Destiny is going to be the environment and real-time.  The environment is going to be ever-changing, one minute it could be sunny, then it could be raining and thundering.  You can also literally watch the sun set and sun rise, taking you through different times of day and night while you’re out and about.

Internet connection is going to be mandatory because the game is all about being an open world and playing with others and there is supposed to be no subscription costs to play.  Bungie will also be releasing an app to go along with the game so you can keep track of your progress, talk to friends and other players and keep up to date with new releases and unlockable content that become available.  The idea Bungie is trying to get across is that Destiny is going to be a game that you can take with you and keep in touch with even when you’re not actually playing.

Destiny is also supposed to be a decade long project, with a new release coming out ever other year and going up to a Destiny IV.  There is however supposed to be DLC content added every year between releases to keep the game fresh and players coming back for more.

While Bungie only allowed the Halo franchise to be available on the Xbox console, Destiny is going to be a cross-platform game, being available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and “future consoles,” hinting at the idea of the next generation Xbox and Playstation.

Originally it was reported that Destiny was going to be released at some point this year, but IGN has reported that Activision announced that Destiny won’t be available in 2013, making it clear that the release date is going to be sometime in 2014.

As more information is leaked and become known about Destiny, I’ll continue to keep updating what I know about Bungies next super franchise, which I couldn’t be more excited for.  Bungie nailed it with the Halo franchise which gives me the confidence to know that Destiny is going to be out of this world and change the entire way people play first-person shooters.

All photo’s above are actual concept art FROM Bungie


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