Is AOL still alive?

Who remembers AOL, especially AOL Instant Messenger?  Well what ever happened to the internet service provider giant of the 1990’s?

Ever since Google took over as the internet giant in the early 2000’s, AOL has fallen by the wayside….hard.  I would be surprised if kids today even knew what AOL was, let alone what it stands for.

Well recently AOL has shown its first revenue growth since the first quarter of 2008, finally showing positive growth after 8 years of declining.

I remember back when dial-tone internet was around and AOL was the king of internet providers.  If you didn’t have AOL, or at least AIM, you were on the outs and life was not good for you.  Their instant messaging system basically started…well everything if you think about it.

Instant messenger was a crazy new way of communicating with your friends that wasn’t in the form of email.  Think about everything that’s used today and look how it’s all thanks to AIM and AOL: texting, FB messenger, Blackberry messenger, Twitter, or any other type of instant communication you can think of, it all started with AOL.

For a long time AOL was on the decline, especially from about 2001-2009, when they lost a ton of subscribers to other providers like Google or Yahoo.

Well finally it’s back to positive numbers.  According to, one of the leading statistics companies on the internet, in the fourth quarter of 2012, “sales rose 3.9 percent to $599.5 million spurred by a 12.9 percent increase of advertising revenues. AOL’s stock price jumped more than 7 percent on Friday, as the company continues its climb back to relevance. AOL’s stock has surged 115 percent over the past 12 months

This is a good sign for the resurgence of AOL and they are starting to really position themselves to make a push to go from an internet service provide to a player in the digital media world.

After teaming up with Time Warner in 2009, CEO Tim Armstrong purchased companies TechCrunch and more importantly, the Huffington Post.  These two purchases, especially the Post, will be extremely helpful and beneficial to AOL in trying to make the change over into becoming a digital media company.  After all, AOL was one of the original companies to really start it all.


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