Why Apple needs to make an iWatch

Something has been missing from Apple lately, they don’t have that edge anymore that they had when they first started pumping out iPhones and everyone was on their seat to see what they were going to do next.

Ever Since the iPhone 4 and the iPad, Apple hasn’t really done……anything.  I’m not saying the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini is nothing, but compared to what Apple use to produce and how it always had that “wow” factor, they have really been lacking.  Ok cool, you made another iPhone but it’s .03 inches bigger, woa, you took your iPad and made it smaller, dang, thats…..boring.

That’s why this would be the perfect time for Apple to strike with the iWatch.  I’ve heard rumors for a long time that Apple was considering making an iWatch and I think this is the time to do it.  Apple has always produced things that just blow everything else completely out of the water and change the game.  Smart phones were around for years and then Apple launched the iPhone and blew everything and everyone away with it.  iPod’s weren’t the first MP3 players produced but once they came out, cya everything else.

The new trend seems to be “wearable tech,” technology you can wear like an accessory or a piece of clothing that you can take with you.  The next big thing that is going to come about is going to be the smart watch, which are already starting to be produced.

A new smart watch is being made called “the Pebble” and wow, it’s pretty cool (but I’ll be doing another post all about that). The point is, if Apple can come out with an iWatch now after smart watches are starting to be produced and blow away the competition, the “wow” factor will come back for Apple, which is something they desperately need.

Ever since the death of Steve Jobs a few years ago people think that Apple will never be the same and that in due time, they will fall by the wayside.  While I don’t agree with that and I still think Apple will continue to be popular, there has been some question as to if Tim Cook can keep up and produce amazing gadgets the way Jobs did.

That being said, the iWatch needs to happen.  It’s time for Apple to put their big boy pants on and do what they know how to do and change the game


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