Samsung GS4 to debut in March

According to Samsung rumor site SamMobile, Samsung is going to debut its next flagship phone, the GS4, at its own event on March 15th.

According to the site, the GS4 will be available for purchase early April in Europe and Asia and won’t be available in the America’s, Australia and Africa until May or June, just like prior Galaxy models were released.

Samsung’s Galaxy model has become an increasingly popular competitor of the iPhone and the release of the GS3 last year brought the same type of hype as a new iPhone release.  This year’s hype for the next Galaxy phone is continuing to increase as rumors and speculation continue to fly.

I personally was an iPhone supporter for a very long time.  I thought it was the top phone out there and you couldn’t beat what it had to offer, but then I made the switch to the GS3 and there was no looking back.

The GS3 lets me do everything the iPhone can do plus way more, especially including an infinite amount of ways to customize the phone to my liking, doing things I could only do with my iPhone once I jailbroke it.

The rumors and speculation about the GS4 are pretty wild with some pretty interesting things on the horizon for Samsung and its next flagship phone.  Things like an even bigger screen, a larger battery, and even the possibility of an extremely tough and FLEXIBLE touch screen.

While these are only rumors, we will all have to wait to see what Samsung is going to announce in March, fingers crossed that it’s about the GS4.


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