The allegations against the Patriots never stop


It almost seems as if you can’t go one year without hearing about the Patriots and cheating.  Ex Ram’s running back, Marshall Faulk, spoke to from the Super Bowl in New Orleans this week and says he is still upset about the Ram’s loss to the Patriots back in Super Bowl XXXVI.  Not only is he upset that the Ram’s lost, but he also feels like he was “cheated” by that loss.

According to Faulk, the Pats had videotaped the Rams’ walkthrough prior to the game.  “I’ll never be over being cheated out of the Super Bowl,” said Faulk to reporter Tom Curran.

“We had some plays in the red zone that we hadn’t ran. I think we got to fourth down — we ran three plays that we hadn’t ran, that Mike drew up for that game — Bill’s a helluva coach …. we hadn’t ran them the whole year (and the Patriots were ready for them),” said Faulk.

While NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said back in 2008 that he had no evidence that the Patriots taped the Ram’s walk-through before the Super Bowl, Faulk still thinks that the Patriots cheated and it helped take a Super Bowl away from him.

While it seems like everyone loves to bring up the Patriots and cheating, especially when it comes to the 2007 season when the Patriots went 18-0 before the historic loss to the NY Giants in the Super Bowl, I have an idea that people should maybe consider…..the other teams should play better.  I don’t know if the Patriots cheated or not but even if they did it’s still up to players to make plays on the field.


If the Patriots weren’t as successful as and was a losing team in the NFL it would be different, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is, but because the Patriots are one of the best teams in the last decade to play, people are always going to be looking to take shots and look for holes in a successful team.

People can continue to hate on whomever they choose but I personally think it still comes down to players still needing to make plays.  Even if a team does know exactly what another team is going to run, players still need to execute and make the correct plays, it’s not like they are all on some super drug that makes them invincible and super human compared to other players.

Either way, it’s hard to deny the Patriots success over the past decade, whichever way you spin it, but people are still going to find reasons to hate them and come up with excuses as to why they won, when maybe they just happen to have had a great team.  You don’t hear about people complaining as much over the past few years because they haven’t been able to win another Super Bowl.  The day the Patriots win their next Super Bowl under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (if they are lucky enough to win another one) I’m sure the cheating allegations will come out again in full force and excuses will continue to be made.


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