CurbTxt, a good idea or a bad idea?


CurbTxt is a new one way communication system taking place in San Francisco that allows people to text car owners to tell them if they left their lights on, their parking meter is about to run out, if they did a terrible job parking, but is this something that has the potential to stick and expand out of San Francisco?

Car owners can register their car with CurbTxt by going to their website and signing up by filling out a form, which is basically just your phone number, license plate and zip code.  Then you have to go to a certain location in your area to pick up a sticker that you put on your car’s rear license plate.

When someone needs to get in touch with a driver, you just send a text message to a phone number associated with CurbTxt and start the message with the state abbreviation of the license plate followed by the license plate number and the message.  So for example you text CurbTxt and say “CA3214567 you’re blocking my driveway – pls move,” hit send, and the person who is registered with that license plate will get the text message.

You can’t reply back so this system is really only to alert people about something with their car.  While this seems like a cool idea, of course people can easily just send prank text messages to CurbTxt users like “hey your car is on fire.”  To combat this, supposedly you can report abusers and they will be blocked, whatever that means.  I personally just think it wouldn’t be used correctly. To many people would either prank text the driver or just be a straight jerk, texting drivers and telling them they did a terrible job parking or to move their car if it’s in front of their driveway, in which case the driver doesn’t necessarily have to move their car or could just not care.

While I think the idea is cool and potentially very helpful for people who live in highly populated areas with bad parking, like cities, I don’t think it’s a very practical idea.  This is only happening in San Francisco but if you want to try to start doing it in your neighborhood you can go to the CurbTxt website and contact the people in charge to request a tag to try to start this in your area.
What do people think, is this idea practical or impractical?


2 responses to “CurbTxt, a good idea or a bad idea?

  1. Owl eyes – no parking tickets is similar to curbtxt but with a few differences.

    1. You only have to enter the license plate number. The systems sends a pre-made text.

    “You have parked illegally, move your car before you get a ticket!

    – Owl Eyes”

    2. You chose if you’d like to be contacted via text, email or both.

    3. Designed to avoid parking tickets only.

    4. No stickers for your car.

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