jibberjobber.com is a great organizational tool for job seekers

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Now that I’ve graduated college and have been looking to start my career, I’m finding myself becoming overwhelmed with information I need to remember. What job did I apply to, when to send follow-up email’s and to whom, contacts I’ve been accumulating and or job fairs I’m planning on attending, it’s been a little crazy.  If you are in the same boat and are looking for a good organizational tool go check out jibberjobber.com.

Jibberjobber.com is a free online organizational tool for job seekers.  It allows you to track as many jobs as you want, add a list of contacts or companies that you are interested in and get help with your “elevator speech” and interviewing skills. You can also add notes about the different jobs you are following like when you applied, when you sent a follow-up email or who you sent it too, or anything else you want to add.  You can even add notes to your contacts like maybe if you went to lunch with a contact and want to record that you did that you can add a note to the contact saying when and where you went and attach it to that person’s contact information.

You can also set “action items” which are essentially reminders of what you need to do.  Maybe you have to remember to send a follow-up email, or remind yourself that you have a career fair coming up in a few days.  Action items appear on your dashboard for that week so you can see when certain things are due that week.  You can also set up those action items to send you email reminders so even if you aren’t on JibberJobber you will still receive an email notification. Most people today can get email on their phone so if you’re not on your computer, you will remember you have to get online and do whatever it is you have to do for that day.

Besides being a great organizational took, JibberJobber also has an extensive library of tools that show you how to use all the different functions of the site which is very helpful if you are stuck trying to do something on their site.

The site also helps you with you’re interviewing by helping you come up with an elevator speech about yourself, questions that might be asked in an interview and your answers to those questions and a “power statement,” which is a precise statement that sums up all your capabilities to help you land the jobs.

Another nice feature that JibberJobber has is they actually have a mobile site. In today’s world where everyone has a cell phone and can search the web with their phone it’s extremely inconvenient when websites don’t have mobile sites.  It’s pretty nice that JibberJobber has a mobile site because there have been a few times when I have gone to my organizational job search website and it would have been nice to have been able to work on a mobile site to add a contact or a reminder instead of pinch zooming everything.

So if you’re looking for a helper to keep you organized while you find a job or start a career, check out jibberjobber.com and try it out, it’s free so why not give it a shot.


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