Is Rondo’s torn ACL a secret blessing for the Celtics?

With news coming out yesterday that Boston Celtics All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo is done for the season with a torn ACL in his right knee, it has made me wonder if this could be a blessing in disguise for the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics so far this season have clearly been a disappointment.  After a promising offseason acquiring some very good players like Jason Terry and Courtney Lee, resigning Kevin Garnett, and getting Jeff Green back from heart surgery and Avery Bradley coming back from his shoulder surgeries, the Celtics just haven’t been able to put it together so far this year.  There have been glimpses of promise with moments like their season high 6-game winning streak but it has been shadowed with more downs then there has been ups.

The loss of Rondo for the rest of the season after suffering a torn ACL in the double overtime loss a few nights ago against the Atlanta Hawks is clearly a huge blow, no matter which way you look at it. However, there are a few things to look for during the rest of the season and it will be interesting to see what happens.

One possible outcome is that the loss of Rondo sparks a fire under the Celtics and they come together as a team and pick up the slack.  They clearly have the talent on the roster and defeating Miami at home in a double overtime classic shows signs of hope that maybe they can do it.  Over the past few seasons Boston has clearly been a better second half team than first half team.

Another possibility that I have heard floating around is to prepare for the future now and blow this team up before the trade deadline and start moving forward in a post Pierce/Garnett future.  While the idea is very interesting, I don’t think the Celtics should do it, unless of course they can get some high quality pieces in a trade with another team.

I don’t think the Celtics should trade Garnett or Pierce even though they are clearly showing signs of age.  Garnett is the heart and soul of that team from an emotional stand point and Pierce has been with the Celtics from day one and deserves to retire a Celtic, it’s what he wants and frankly I think it’s what a lot of the fans want as well especially after everything he has given this team over his career.

While Pierce and Garnett may be the “old guys” on the team, you can’t replace veteran leadership and experience with young talent because if for some reason the Celtics get in a game 7 in the playoffs I would rather the experienced veterans on the floor in the final minutes of a close game instead of a bunch of young players who have never been in the situation before.

If things can’t improve in the second half, head coach Doc Rivers is going to really have to shake things up.  While it might not be a popular move amongst players or even fans, maybe Rivers should have Pierce or Garnett coming off the bench.  It could save their legs and maybe even light a spark under them to try and show everyone they are still quality starters in the NBA and they shouldn’t have lost their starting jobs.

The possibilities are truly endless with how the rest of the season is going to play out for the Boston Celtics.  One thing for sure is that Doc wanted to shake things up with this team and whether this is what he meant or not, things have been shaken up for the rest of the season with the loss of their All-Star point guard in Rajon Rondo.


2 responses to “Is Rondo’s torn ACL a secret blessing for the Celtics?

    • I’m not sure they are necessarily better off without him, I just think this might be the change needed for this season. It’s hard to replace someone of Rondo’s talent, fire and decision making on the floor. I’m hoping this ultimately lights a fire under everyone now that all the analysts are saying the Celtics are “done”

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