Confirmed Apple to release iPhone 5 in September


Its been confirmed that Apple has made plans to announce the new iPhone 5, along with the new smaller iPad mini, next generation iPod Touch and iPod nano at a special event scheduled for September 12th, and will be released September 21st.

The Website AllThingsD reports that their sources have told them that Apple is currently planning an event in that week.

AllThingsD has a very good track record when it comes to Apple related rumors so when they say something like this, they are generally on the nose about it.

This news comes two days after leaked photos of what the new iPhone 5 might look like hit the internet and became a huge topic in the Apple rumor mill. The photos arent “official” but they provide pretty solid evidence towards what the phone will look like, having many rumored features on it like a metal back, 19 pin dock connector, a centered front camera, a bottom port for the headphone jack, and a wider 16:9 front screen.

Weeks earlier it was rumored that the new iPhone will arrive sometime in late September to October, after it was previously rumored it wouldn’t be released until November. A September release makes more sense considering that’s when the last two iPhones were released, putting a year between the 4, 4S and the 5.


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