Why the Olympics will Never be the Same

It’s finally here, the 2012 summer Olympic games in cheery old London, England.  While the events may have stayed the same and the objective is the same for the athletes, for the millions of viewers things are very different and they will probably never be the same again.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, people who view the Olympics can watch and interact in whole new ways.  Twitter itself has changed the Olympics like never been, giving people the ability to tweet about whatever events they are watching live.  This is huge for reporters who can tweet out live updates from whatever events they are at covering and keep their followers up to date, all the way from across the pond.

Besides getting live updates from reporters covering the games, why not just skip that and get live updates from the athletes themselves.  Almsot all of the athletes (the American’s anyways) have twitter accounts to connect to their fans, and what better way to connect with fans than during the Olympics.  Athletes like LeBron James, and Hope Solo are always tweeting about their experience over there and tweeting pictures, helping to give fans a whole new insight to what it’s like to be at the Olympics and better yet, be an Olympic athlete.

Besides Twitter, which managed to bust out 1.2 million tweets about the Queen and her Opening Ceremony theatrics, Iphones and Androids have also helped to change the Olympics as well.  With the helping hand of different apps, people don’t even have to be home watching the games on TV to know whats going on.  There are apps that give recap of events, highlight videos, medal counts and the crem delle crem, live streaming.  Now, people can literally watch the Olympic games from anywhere, and the best part is, you’re the master of your own domain, you can watch any event you want, you’re not at the mercy of NBC.

The Olympics have only been on for the past two days, and I’ve already spent more time on my phone at work watching live streaming coverage of the games then I ever have before (actually that’s a lie, that would be March Madness when I locked myself in the office and watched as much basketball as humanly possible).

The great thing about watching streaming off your phone is that you can expose myself to more events than ever before.  I’ve watched table tennis, badminton, handball, polo, archery, shooting, gymnastics, basketball, and power lifting, all things that I’ve never really watched before, aside from basketball.  The great thing is, they were all so interesting and made me want to watch and learn more about the sport, and if anything gave me such a deeper appreciate for sports and athletes as a whole.

Of course if you have internet access and a computer, you can also just go to NBColympics.com and watch live footage of any sport you want, just like you would on your phone, only you have a bigger screen to look at with better quality, but hey I’m not one to be picky, especially when it comes to watching Olympic coverage at work.

The summer Olympic games seem to get bigger every four years and the crazy thing about that is four years in the world of technology is an eternity, so I’m really excited to see how it affects and enhances the 2016 summer games, it should be wild.


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