Iphone 5 is that really you?

Hello? Iphone 5 is that really you?  If it is, wow, lookin sleek and lookin fresh.  These wonderful leaked photos have come courtesy of repair shop, iLab Factory.

Another day, another Iphone rumor or leaked photo, but these photos are different, they have a certain realism to them as in they REALLY look legit.  It’s hard to believe that Apple would let a company like iLab get their hands all over Apples pride and joy of the next generation of Iphone, and not assume they were going to take pictures of it and plaster it all over the internet for the world to see.

Now of course we can’t say for sure that these are legit, official photos of the next generation Iphone and what consumers can expect to be in their hands come this fall but there are a lot of things going on with these pictures that help put some of these rumors into reality and are keeping this photo’s from being marked as “totally fake.”

You can see rumors turning into reality in these pictures like the smaller 19 pin dock connector, the larger 16:9 ratio front screen, the unibody design, the metal back, the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone, and the centered front camera, all put together into what can be assumed as the Iphone 5’s final product.

Unless Apple has some sort of dirty secret up their sleeve, some hidden agenda, or some crazy secret technology like the arm from of a Terminator being held in a special, top-secret security vault in Skynet, this should be what the newest Iphone will look like, and I’m just speaking for myself here but ya, it looks pretty darn nice to me.

Source: Mashable


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