Iphone 5 front casing leaked Photo

Just knowing that the new Iphone 5 is a few months away is exciting for everyone, but to finally see pictures to start to piece together a visual image of what it’s going to look like is a whole new excitement.

CNET UK has obtained leaked photos from Chinese blog Apple.po of the front section casing for the new Iphone 5.  The design of this section isn’t that much different from the Iphone 4 and 4S.  It has the standard home button on the bottom of the phone but the two major differences are that the top of the phone has the camera positioned in the center, just above the speaker.  The other major difference is that the screen, and the phone in general, is going to be a little bit longer.

The screen is going to be long enough to fit the dimensions of a 16:9 ratio so that when people watch movies or turn their phone sideways to watch a video, there wont be those tiny bars on the top and bottom of the screen, the picture will take up the full view of the screen.  Even though you can’t tell the exact measurement, rumor has it that from corner to corner, the screen will measure about four inches.

Just seeing a real possibility of what this new Iphone is going to look like, instead of a fake digital possibility, is very exciting and makes the anticipation to see a final product that much more tantalizing.  Let us know what you think about this possible new design, do you love it or hate it and what would you like to see on this new Iphone.

Source: CNET.co.uk


2 responses to “Iphone 5 front casing leaked Photo

  1. So when apple gets a 4 inch screen they will formally catch up to Samsung circle 4 years ago? Get A Samsung Galaxy 3 and bask in AMOLED wonder.

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