Halo 4: This is gonna be good

(The E3 Conference trailer for Halo 4)

The Halo game series has always been a game changer, one of the highest respected video game franchises in all of the video gaming world, and finally after 5 long years of waiting since Halo 3 was released (back in 2007) we get to see what the next chapter is in this storied franchise and what awaits the Master Chief after his famous ending to Halo 3.

As Halo 3 ends, everyone thinks Master Chief is dead, never to be found again, but he is very much alive waiting to be found, or more or less, waiting to find something else, another evil to face.

(For those of you who don’t remember, this is how Halo 3 ended with a nice segway into Halo 4)

Let’s lay down what we do know about Halo 4 coming out this fall.  First we know the release date, November 6th, 2012.  This is fairly late compared to the last three Halo releases, Halo 3, ODST and Reach, which were all released in mid September.  We also know that infamous Bungie studios will not be the ones making this game and it has fallen to 343 Studios to keep the legend alive.  When this was first announced some people were up in arms, all very scared that 343 was going to destroy the already storied Halo reputation and gameplay and change it to something different. Rumor has it however, as time went by, that 343 had a little help from Bungie to keep the Master Chief alive and kicking and on track and inline with the other three Halo stories, four if you want to include Halo reach.

Its also been learned that Halo 4 is set to start a new “Halo Trilogy” of games known as the “Reclaimer Trilogy,” which is exciting to know we are going to get at least three more games with the Master Chief.

As for the story, there is a nice chunk of information known but definitely not enough to answer everyones questions.  It is known that the “planet” or “artificial world” or whatever you want to call it that Master Chief lands on is actually called “Requiem,” a forerunner world, and that the Chief’s fight takes place four years after the end of Halo 3.  We also know that a huge UNSC ship called the “Infinity,” that was made to compete with some of the Covenant super ships, was recommissioned for peaceful research and exploration, until the planet of Requiem sucks the ship in and the ship crash lands on this planet, pinned down with Covenant forces surrounding, along with an “unknown” enemy inhabiting the planet, which we can all assume is some how related to the Forerunner.

It is also known that a key point in the game involves changes to Cortana and how her exposure to Halo and her operation beyond her natural lifespan, of seven years, may have contributed to her becoming “rampant,” a mental state of aged AI’s basically going insane, and which normally results in the ‘death’ of the AI.

We don’t know much specifics about the new enemy Master Chief will face either other than it’s going to be an “ancient evil.”  On the Halo 4 Website there are a few enemy characters that are announced and described such as “Promethean Crawlers,” “Promethean Watchers,” and “Promethean Knights,” which are a “synthetic” type of life force and are all in possession of Forerunner technology.  These three particular type of characters are only announced because they are shown in the only gameplay video 343 has released, but it’s safe to say that the main enemy will be known as the “Promethean’s.”  We also know that Master Chief will not be facing any more of the Flood but of course we do know that he will have his fair share of encounters with his long time enemy of the Covenant.

It’s safe to say that this new Halo trilogy is going to be another game changer in the world of video games, just like the original Halo trilogy was.  Every time I watch the trailer it just gets me more pumped up for November to roll around.  The release is going to be absolutely insane and in my opinion, bigger then the other four (including Reach) because people have been waiting five years to continue the story with their beloved Master Chier.


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