Samsung’s 75 inch LCD is beautiful….but expensive


Samsung has just released a beautiful 75 inch LCD TV in South Korea and man is it a thing of beauty, but your wallet wont be saying the same thing.

This new TV, The ES9000, has a 7.9mm bezel, which should bring big improvements in clearness, contrast and brightness, along with a wide array of smart TV features.

The TV also comes with a built-in webcam that can be used for video conferencing, face recognition and Samsung’s new gesture control technology, which is comes with all 2012 TV’s and allows you to control the TV with the sound of your voice or hand movements, basically eliminating the need for that old-fashioned remote.

This TV looks absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately the price is NOT right with this bad boy.  This TV will cost you a whopping $17,443, which is the equivalence of buying the base model of some brand new cars.  If you’re a millionaire and are looking to spend a little extra cash this weekend, go check out South Korea and bring home the ES9000…and then shoot me an email so I can come check it out.


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