Google Chrome App: The Good, The Bad and the Eh

Thursday Google released its free new “Google Chrome” app for IPhone and IPod Touch. This new app allows you to browse the web at “faster” speeds and do a variety of things differently then the safari app does. I’m going to give my take on this new app and tell you the good, the bad, and the eh.

The Good: The app is a nice change of pace from the safari app (which in my opinion needs and upgrade because it feels like it hasn’t had any significant upgrades in forever). You can do cool new things like sign into the chrome app and pick up where you left off from your desktop. You can transfer your open tabs, bookmarks and more between your desktop and iPhone for an easy transition between computer and phone. Switching between tabs is also better in the Chrome app. In the Chrome app all you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen, starting on the edge of the screen, and you can flip between tabs easily and quickly. Another cool added feature is the ability to search google with voice command. Just press the little microphone button, say what you’re looking for and the app will search for it. Yeah I know, if you have the iPhone 4S you can do that with Siri but for those of us stuck with the IPhone 4, it’s a pretty cool substitute.


The Bad: it’s not really integrated with your iPhone or iPod touch like safari is. Using safari is easier to tweet links and do other things from the browser. You can add bookmarks from safari right to your home page but you can’t do that with the google chrome app.

The Eh: The fact that this new app lets you search the web “faster” I think is a load of crap. This browser isn’t going to make you search the web any faster, that all depends on your network connection or Internet connection. Safari works fast if you have a strong wireless signal or wifi signal so the whole “faster” gimik is just that, a gimik.

Overall I like the app, it’s got some cool features to it that safari doesn’t have but you can’t go wrong with safari and it’s complete integration with your device already.

Want to check out the Google Chrome app? Just click here


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