For a Free racing app, CSR Racing is legit


So today I was doing my usual “lets go see if there are any cool new apps” routine and I found a great FREE racing game app called CSR Racing.

CSR Racing is a racing game where you get a car and you drag other racers and try to work your way up beating different “crews” and “crew leaders” to get more money to upgrade your car and become the best racer ever. The games design is pretty fantastic and the graphics are stunning for a racing game on a phone.

The gameplay itself is great. It’s not overwhelming with all this different stuff going on, it’s very straight forward and when you start the game for the first time it walks you through everything, but it’s not one of those overwhelming walk-through where your just trying to figure out the fastest way to get through it so you can start playing.

The buttons for racing are simple too. All you have to do is hit the gas pedal to get your car to a “perfect launch” position and then once the car starts all you need to focus on his shifting when the shift light turns green, it’s as simple as that.

The game has kind of a Gran Turismo feel going on where you upgrade engine parts, tires, turbos, and even customize your car’s color and add decals and stripes. You can also buy and unlock new cars so it’s not like once you start the game you’re stuck with the same car until the end. When you want to finally race you go to a map (like Gran Turismo) and pick what kind of races you want to do.


Overall its a great app and the best part is that it’s my favorite word….FREE.

Download it and check it out Here

Comment and tell us what you think and what you like and don’t like about this game.


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