Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remake?!

For kids who grew up playing regular, old school, original Playstation there are few games that come to mind like that of the one, the only, Tony Hawks Pro Skater.  From the release of the first Tony Hawk in 1999, until the last one was made in 2002, there weren’t many games that could match the endless number of joy filled hours that game could produce.  When the last game of the series, Tony Hawk 4, was released, that was it, the end of a legendary video game saga, the first real skateboarding game that was ever produced.

Well the day that I never thought I would see is about to arrive, Xbox arcade and playstation network is releasing a Tony Hawk remake called “Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.”  This game will be released on Xbox Arcade July 18th of this year (Playstation network release date is still uncertain) and is going to feature some of the favorite levels, songs, characters and more from the first two games, Tony Hawk one and two, in high-definition of course.

The game looks awesome and brings back so many awesome memories of just sitting back with your friends and seeing who could get the highest score, unlock all the challenges, get the secret tapes or seeing who could manual the longest into the most number of tricks before falling at 100,000 points because you were getting greedy.

Comment and tell us what you think about this new HD remake, are you excited or should they have left the classic alone?

Source: Mashable


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