Future IPhones will possibly charge wirelessly?

When you think Apple can’t do any more cool things, they do just that. According to Patently Apple, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for an inductive charging system, which basically means the ability to charge a device’s battery….wirelessly.

In the very near future (as in possibly this iPhone or the next) the need for a USB cord will be obsolete. With Apples development of the cloud system and wireless synching, it only makes sense that their next move is going to be wireless charging.

This new system would allow wireless charging of your iPhone or iPod touch by simply placing the device on a specially designed dock with a reradiating antenna and inductive charging circuit.

All I know is that if Apple comes out with wireless charging it will make things a whole lot more interesting and put a lot more pressure on android and other phone companies to try and keep up with Apple and their ever growing list of cool stuff.

Source: Mashable


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