Download Foodspotting, your stomach will thank you


So every once in a while I go onto the app store and look around for any new apps that catch my eye (like anyone else would do) and I download what looks interesting to me. Some I keep, some I just delete 30 seconds later after I say to myself, “well that app sucked,” and deem that 30 second period of my life a total waste.

One app that doesn’t suck is called “Foodspotting.” This app allows you to locate some of the best food dishes near you at different restaurants. It’s great because maybe you go to the same place for dinner and get the same thing and don’t even realize that there is something else is hidden on the menu that might catch your eye.

With the Foodspotting app, people can make suggestions on what they think is a great dish. People just have to take a picture of a dish, download it onto the app, say where it’s from and what it is and BAM, you just shared a new dish. The best part is you don’t even have to “sign up” to “spot” things like some apps make you do (I hate that, I don’t want to “sign up” to use an app to it’s full potential and get emails from it, such a joke). It’s also great because the suggestions aren’t based off of surveys or professionals picking dishes, all the suggestions are provided from regular people who just want to share what a great meal they had (and who doesn’t love that?)

The app locates where you are and gives you suggestions of popular dishes within a certain number of miles of you, giving you the clostest ones first. If that isn’t cool enough, you can also search by different categories like the “best” and “latest” dishes. It doesn’t just stop there, you can also search for different restaurants people suggest, listing them from closest to furthest away.


Once you find a dish you want or somewhere you want to go, you’re given the ability to click on a mini picture of a map which opens up your “maps” app and gives you directions of how to get there from where you are.

This app is super easy to use and isn’t a rubix cube to figure out. It’s simple and anyone can figure it out after playing with it for 2 minutes.

So don’t get stuck into the rut of going to the same old place and getting the same old dish that you always get. Download “Foodspotting” at the app store and it will open up a whole new world of great dishes near you that you didn’t even know existed. So thank you social media, my stomach thanks you too.

Click Here to check out the app and download it for FREE.


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