Project Glass, is the future here?

So its 2012 and unfortunately i don’t see any space ships flying around, transportation systems made up of suction tubes or robot servants in every house.  Besides the ever evolving cell phone technology, everything seems kind of well….normal.

Something Google has been researching could change everything and it could be here by the end of the year.  “Project Glass” is thenew thing that Google is working on and can change, well….everything.  Project Glass is a pair of glasses that are suppose to “augment reality,” which basically means the glasses will make daily life much more engaging.

Wearing these glasses will allow you to look around and interact with virtually anything.  Look up at the sky and in your vision the temperature appears.  Don’t bother having a camera with you anymore because by using your voice you can tell your glasses to take a picture of what your looking at.  Not to mention the ability to possibly receive text messages and video calls from your friends and the notifications pop up in your line of site.


The coolest part is that all of these features require nothing but the sound of your voice, everything is hands free.  The only downfall is the glasses may make you stick out and look a little bit odd in public but if they work the way they are suppose to then i don’t care how i look because i’ll be light years ahead of anyone staring at me.


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