Move over Iphone?

Has Microsoft finally done it? Have they finally broke into the smart phone market with their version of the iphone or android?

The Nokia Lumia 900 was released this April 8th and things are finally starting to potentially look up for Nokia and Microsoft.  After years of being virtually unable to break into the smart phone market and compete with industry giant Apple, Microsoft may have found its golden egg in the Nokia Lumia 900.

Not only does Nokia and Microsoft finally do a good job with the touch and feel of the phone but their platform seems pretty sound as well.  Along with the phones quality, it only cost $100 (when signing a contract) and is possibly the best phone for that price on the market, the iphone 4 being it’s only real competition at that price.  Some of the androids for $100 or less seem to take a dip in quality as they get cheaper, so the Lumia 900 gives you the most bang for your buck, aside from the iphone 4 naturally.

Of course we can’t all automatically sign off as Nokia and Microsoft as being in the same conversation as Apple and Android when it comes to smart phones, they still absolutely have some work to do, but the gap is slowly closing.  One of the major downfalls with this phone is the lack of apps.  Sure they have an app store of around 70,000 apps but that is tiny in comparison to the android market and of course the giant app store.  Microsoft has been opening it’s check book however to help bolster it’s growing app store but they have some ground to make up for sure.

Let’s not all get too over excited about this phone, it’s making a big enough splash to get people talking and atleast to go and check it out but lets let time decide if Nokia and Microsoft can run with the big boys.  That being said, its good to see Microsoft finally getting the message and starting to throw its weight around to make up for it’s lacking market shares.


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