Iphone 5, where are you already?

It’s almost July and information and anticipation of the arrival of the new Iphone 5 this year continues to grow at an extreme rate. It’s all anyone  (who is a fan of Apple anyway) seems to be able to talk about.  What exactly is it going to look like?  How much of it is going to be a redesign?  How thin is it going to be?  Will the screen be any bigger and if so how much bigger?  What cool new things is it going to be able to do?

Even people who are loyal to Microsoft are eager for news on Apples next masterpiece, waiting to take a peek over the proverbial fence to see what the electronics giant is going to produce and release this fall.

If one thing is certain, it’s going to be something to rock the foundation of the smart phone world, another game changer produced from the company known for producing game changers.

So what do most people already know?  Well so far some things have been leaked to the public like the dock connector is going to change from a 30 pin to a 19 pin connector, making the dock smaller and creating more space in the internal structure of the device.  We have also heard that this new phone will support global LTE networks, making it a true world phone for anyone to use.

By looking at the past of how and what Apple has done with new phones its safe to say that this one is going to be the biggest and the baddest yet.

When the original Iphone was released it was ground breaking, simply unheard of, and a beauty to look at.  When the 3G and 3Gs came out it was nothing short of amazing but realistically the phone stayed true to the original Iphone design (apart from making it faster and some upgrades here and there).

Then came the Iphone 4, with all the buzz that is surrounding the Iphone 5 now.  This phone was a game changer, new design, new apps, faster, and all around superior to all other Iphones before it.  Now that Apple has already released it’s Iphone 4S all that’s left for it to do is release the 5 this fall, and whenever Apple goes up a number in it’s phone, like from 3 to 4, that means things are about to get crazy and peoples jaws are about to hit the floor.

So everyone better hold on tight, buckle their seat belts and prepare for blast off, because this fall Apple is going to do it again and blow everyone away with their next game changer, their mona lisa, their Beethoven’s 5th.

Check out CNET.com for their timeline of rumors on the Iphone 5.


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